New Announcement

Dear Trichopterologist,

 After long considerations and many discussions we now have decided to postpone the Trichoptera Symposium to at least 2022 due to the unforeseeable conditions in September 2021.

According to our considerations an online meeting is only a poor replacement for a physical meeting entailing lively discussions among colleagues, field trips with friends and common time shared in admiration of these beautiful insects in the historic environment of Lunz am See.

We apologise for announcing this postponement rather late, but we tried to be optimistic until the very last. Now, it appears that our hopes for a proper handling of the pandemic (one would assume that a year of learning should have sufficed) until autumn 2021 were in vain.

We trust to meet you in 2022 and will announce the new dates here later this year.

Take care, stay safe and all the best!

The organising committee

Simon Vitecek, Pablo Rauch, Astrid Schmidt-Kloiber, Wolfram Graf, Hans Malicky